How To Be A Better Husband

After the euphoria of the first date, wedding fun, and honeymoon has subsided and you have adjusted to the whirlwind and grind of real life, you realize that you now have a partner with whom you can share in both your joys and your sorrows.

Your romance begins to wane as you grow accustomed to one another. You start to forget the past emotional intimacy.

Not everyone indeed keeps their promises during wedding ceremonies. Yet, if you're the type of man who wants to be the perfect husband to the woman you cherish, it's never too late to do so. In this piece, we've analyzed all it takes on how to be a better husband.

10 Best Tips On Becoming A Better Husband

A happy couple

To become the ideal husband to your wife and a great father to your children, you must work on every component of your lifestyle around your spouse, children, and friends.

Below are some clues to becoming a better husband:

Work On Yourself

Your partner will want to feel that their man can take care of himself at all times. They want their husband to have a good physical appearance.

As a married couple, you should plan how you'll both share your responsibilities of taking turns watching the children.

Being unmotivated to improve oneself through reflection and experience isn't desirable.

The problem is heightened since those who refuse to develop and change tend to get stuck in the same negative patterns of behavior and fights over and over again, causing unnecessary stress for themselves and those closest to them.

A journaling habit can help keep track of such details. Suppose your spouse's comment regarding your work circumstances set you off. In that case, you may suffer from low self-esteem.

Get yourself to a bookshop or library and browse the self-esteem sections. You can find the best books on how to develop your self-esteem in the Ultiblog Product category The Leading Self Esteem Workbook.

Married men need to work on a particular aspect of their character. To make you happy, you need just make a sincere effort toward development and improvement, rather than focusing on a perfect solution. Eventually, you'll realize that you've evolved into your best possible self.

Be Protective: Make Your Spouse Feel Comfortable

Most women want undivided attention. Becoming a better husband requires you to always protect your wife. So, be there for your wife when she needs you to show her how much you care.

Try to keep her safe, but never hurt her. We know you're not the man who would look the other way if someone else insulted your wife. It's time to show your wife how much you appreciate her. As a husband, you must defend your wife from any insults.

Moving forward, you should clarify that you stand behind your wife and won't stand for anyone to treat her poorly. If someone abuses or makes jokes about your wife, you should never stand for it. Demonstrate to everyone that you will never leave your wife's side, no matter what happens.

Learn To Have Healthy Conversations From Different Viewpoints

If you bottle up your complaints and frustrations for years on end without ever addressing them, even the strongest of marriages can eventually crumble.

However, the challenge is that it might be tough to share these with your partners without hurting their feelings. The next step is to hone your critical-thinking skills.

This means that you should evaluate the aspect of your relationship that causes the most problem and determine if it's anything that may be improved. You can also visit your family therapist for a marriage consultation.

For instance, if your spouse's approach to relaxing after a long day at work is to put on a show that you find boring, you should know that this doesn't have to bring you negative feelings.

If they insist that you watch an episode with them, you should do so, and instead of complaining about how much you hate the show, you should think about how much joy it is bringing your partner.

Find a way to tell them what you want to do or change without making them feel bad. Don't use hyperbolic language; instead, make an effort to sound as objective as possible and talk with them as calmly as possible.

If their spending habits are causing tension in your marriage, you should talk to them about it and offer some reasonable compromises.

Be An Active listener And Don't Judge

One quality of a good husband you can always exhibit is being an active listener. When a partner opens up to you about their feelings, they're not necessarily seeking advice or assistance. Instead, they're attempting to develop their ideas verbally. Don't offer counsel unless they specifically ask for it.

Similarly, you may try responding with compassion. Instead of trying to solve your partner's problems immediately, try repeating what they've said in your own words so you can better understand them.

By doing so, you show that you care about them and their experiences and give them the resources they need to ask the right questions, rather than forcing your opinion on them.

One component of this tip is to schedule regular conversational time through the memory lane with your partner. This could happen over tea after dinner or on an afternoon stroll. Spending this time talking to your partner is a great way to show them how much you care.

Again, it'll help you become a better, less self-centered listener by giving you insight into their inner workings, preferences, and experiences. The New York Times states how people can improve their listening skills in the article Be a Better Listener.

Know Your Spouse's Apology Language

How do people like to receive apologies? Did you even realize there was such a thing as apology language? A person's "apology language" is the specific manner in which they prefer to be apologized to. Knowing their wife's apology language is one of the "better husband" qualities.

If you don't know how your spouse likes receiving apologies, it will be best to have a good conversation about it and understand the realistic ways about it. This is analogous to the concept of a "love language." When attempting to get past a disagreement, this is a factor that might be the deciding factor and determining factor when dealing with conflict resolution.

Start a conversation about it if you aren't sure how your spouse loves to make apologies, and find out what they find meaningful by listening to what they say. You can read more on apology languages in Cosmopolitan's Your Everything-to-Know Guide to Apology Languages.

Allow Your Partner to Have Their Alone Time

You shouldn't feel obligated to be around your partner constantly. Most women sometimes want to be alone. It's good for relationships when partners occasionally take breaks from one another.

Provide your partner with a much-needed break from you (and the kids, if you have any) so that they may recharge. They can replenish their reserves by engaging in activities like socializing with friends, spending time alone in a hotel, or treating themselves to a day of self-care. A little separation can help you appreciate each other's company, even more, when you're reunited.

Make Thoughtful Gestures

Another way to be a better husband is to show your love and appreciation through small acts of kindness. To keep your wife happy, you should show her some love daily. The little things you do for her will mean the world to her, so think about what you can do.

It could be as simple as getting her coffee in the morning or letting her sleep in while you feed the kids. Ask yourself, "what's one nice thing I can do for her that will make her day better?" You shouldn't do the same for her every day, if possible.

Toss in some originality and variety. Whenever you take a step toward easing your discomfort, think about how you can similarly reduce hers. Most people are naturally inclined to act in a self-centered manner and prioritize their interests above those of others. Alternatively, show your wife that you care by doing nice things for her.

Make the First Move

When they first meet their future wives, many men act chivalrously and helpfully. However, as time goes on and your routine becomes more established, expectations will emerge. And if asked for assistance, they'll want to be compensated for their time.

We suggest you give up on finding that two-for-one deal. Assume responsibilities. Don't sit around waiting for your partner to beg you to take responsibility; instead, lead by example. Every couple has its own set of advantages and potential growth areas.

Make sure to take the helm in situations where your strengths and natural abilities shine the brightest. If you have an eye for numbers, take the lead in creating a budget and establishing savings targets.

Ask Her How You Can Love Her Better

Life can throw us some crazy curveballs. It's helpful to recall the reasons you fell in love and decided to tie the knot with your spouse from time to time.

A person's preferences and requirements may evolve over time. Therefore, communicating with your partner about how you can better love them is essential.

It might be anything from assistance with the children to a massage, more hugging, or even just a few check-ins during the day. By posing the question, you'll demonstrate your interest while also receiving helpful feedback on how to improve as a husband.

Schedule A Weekly Date

As noted, infatuation is common in a relationship's early stages. There is a constant exchange of text messages. Weeks leading up to date are spent anticipating the fun.

Married couples can't get enough of one another. But after a few years of marriage, most individuals get stuck in a rut and stop trying to connect with and learn more about their partner. It would be best if you forced yourself to do it, no matter how hectic your schedule may be.

Your relationship will fizzle out if you don't keep the spark alive.

Set a regular weekly time and don't deviate from it. Do a little mental work, plan a date that includes something you and your partner both like doing, and make sure there is time to talk. Three hours at the park on a Saturday are perfect, or a night out at your go-to restaurant.

You can remind your partner that they are always on your mind by buying them small presents throughout the week in addition to your regular weekly date. It need not be something big and costly.

You can find books on dating rules in Ultiblog's The Books About Dating Rules. If you want to win them over, all it takes is a quick stop for a rose or box of chocolates on the way home from work to show you care.

Check out some decent ideas for a fun date in "101 FUN DATING IDEAS" by Smart Couples.

What Makes a Good Husband?

If you make a list, you'll find that your best friend's traits are the same ones you seek in a spouse.

  • Faithful, undying affection
  • Common ground
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • The capacity to enjoy one another's company.

These are the cornerstones of a happy marriage, but there are other characteristics of a good husband to seek out as well.

Great Communication

Great relationships are built on strong lines of better communication and great conversation taking. Partners who can discuss their thoughts, feelings, and needs openly are less likely to resent or become angry with one another.

Feeling heard and understood by your partner goes a long way toward relieving stress and strengthening your connection with them. The ability to express oneself clearly and effectively is a hallmark of a truly exceptional man.

Check out the best communication books in The Top Communications Book by Ulti Best Products.

He Is Trustworthy

One of the best attributes in a man and a better husband is his ability to be trusted.

Relationship satisfaction increases when both partners can be trusted.

If your partner truly trusts you, they may tell you anything and you won't pass judgment. The development of trust facilitates the expansion of emotional exposure and closeness. A happy marriage begins with a secure dating relationship in which each partner feels they can open out to one another without fear of rejection.

Talking About the Future

If you express excitement about the prospect of building a life with your partner, then you possess the qualities of a better husband and a good father. This will demonstrate that you are as ready for a long-term commitment as your partner.

If you've brought up discussions about marriage, having children, or buying a house together, you may be assured that you have many of the qualities your partner seeks in a future husband.

You Share Core Values

Opposites indeed attract, but that doesn't guarantee a happy partnership.

A good husband has the same morals and ideals as his wife. Your partner desires someone who is on the same page and shares personal interests with them.

You have to stay true to their sense of right and wrong.

He Is There for His Children

A good husband is there for his children

A good husband and father adore his children. If you truly care about your children, you will make an effort to spend quality time with them, even if it is challenging after a long day at work.

Your wife will believe you are in this together if you show the kids that you can have a good time. Since you're an excellent father, she will take pride in you.


Marriage is difficult; there may be moments when you and your partner simply can't see eye to eye on a particular course of action or reason the same way. But, a married man who focuses on keeping his relationship alive is willing to give in on occasion.

Your wife may put her career ahead of your happiness on occasion, so you must be able to work together with a concerted effort to find a middle ground.


A decent husband is faithful to his wife. Not once does he make her feel unworthy of his love.

Respect and honor your wife as an expression of your love for her. To avoid breaking her heart, never give her the impression that you aren't loyal to her.


A woman deserves a trustworthy man as a husband. Your wife will respect and trust you more if you are open and honest with her about everything in your life and don't keep anything from her.


An expectant couple

Do what you claim you're going to do.

Do your best to help her if she asks, even if you don't know what you're doing. If she knows she can count on you to be there for her in times of need, she will feel much safer and cherished in your relationship.

Reliability is a key part of being a good spouse and is crucial when expecting a child. She'll be particularly reliant on you during her pregnancy.


Both women and kids enjoy being coddled and fussed over. Likewise, a considerate spouse will know how to shower his wife with attention.

Showing your wife you care by giving in to her desires is an excellent way to do that. Thanks to this strategy, you'll gain favor in her eyes and experience more of the things you enjoy.


Men who can make others laugh have a greater chance of attracting women. One trait of a good husband is the ability to know just what his wife needs to hear to lift her spirits when she's feeling down.

Bring some humor into your life if you want to make your wife happy. If you can make your wife chuckle every once in a while, she'll adore you even more.

You can also learn about the don'ts in a relationship in Ultiblog's  "Relationship Red Flags You Should Know."


Taking up the manly role of providing for and protecting your wife can boost your self-esteem and make you a more complete person. Your spouse will become your best friend, supporter, and biggest fan for the rest of your life, and your marriage will flourish as a result.

Start using these suggestions immediately, even if it's only the last thing you can do.

All these little changes will pile up and have a huge impact on your marriage and personal life.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h2" question-0="What makes you a better husband?" answer-0="Loyalty, respect, communication, and love will make you a better husband to your wife." image-0="" headline-1="h2" question-1="What are the most important things in a marriage?" answer-1="The three most important things in a marriage are intimacy, commitment, and communication." image-1="" count="2" html="true" css_class=""]

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