26 Tips On How To Be A Better Wife


Getting married is one thing and staying married is another. If you're married, you should be quite familiar with that feeling of excitement and love you felt while you exchanged vows with your partner. I bet you couldn't wait to start forever together.

There is still a lot of archaic advice floating around regarding what a woman should do to be the ideal wife. Most of such suggestions are not applicable in this present age.

However, certain qualities such as empathy, patience, and understanding are still vital for a successful marriage. For a marriage to work, both partners must be willing to improve on themselves.

In this article, we'll be giving you the best tips on how to be a better wife to your husband.

Be Prayerful

Whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, or you belong to another religious denomination, do not water down the effect of prayer. No woman goes into a marriage knowing it all, so you'll need to rely on help and guidance from a higher power if you're religious.

See why religious couples should pray in When Religious Couples Pray by the Institute for Family Studies.

Love Your Husband

This will seem basic, and you may think, "of course I love him; I won't be with him if I didn't." But, the love being talked about here is unconditional.

Loving him even when your feelings are hurt, in times of sadness or anger, when things are not going well for you, that is the time you should love him even more.

Be Supportive

A supportive wife makes a happy husband. This is pretty tough because you may feel that some decisions he takes are bizarre or reckless, so supporting him won't be wise.

But think about it this way: has your not supporting him stopped him from taking a particular action? Has it caused friction between the both of you?

Even though you don't agree with his plans or decisions, it is best to show support. Let him understand that you have reservations about his plan, but whatever he decides to do, you'll support him.

If your husband sees you as a supportive wife, he'll feel comfortable sharing his ideas and plans with you, and it'll be much easier for him to listen to your opinion.

You can read up on the benefits of being a supportive spouse in the article"Supportive Relationships Linked to Willingness to Pursue Opportunities" by  Carnegie Mellon University.

Spend Quality Time With Your Spouse

Remember how you wanted to spend the whole day with your partner, just talking and cuddling, while dating? You couldn't get enough of each other, and you couldn't wait to get married to your "best friend." So what changed now that you're married?

With marriage comes responsibilities, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get together once in a while to do the things you love.

When you spend time with your spouse, you get to know each other better and discuss ways you could love each other better.

It could be a " staycation," a lunch date, taking a stroll, or even a vacation. The point is to create an atmosphere where you can give your husband your undivided attention. You can see the significance of spending quality time with your spouse in Marriage.Com's 15 Reasons Why Quality Time Is So Important in a Relationship.

Never Underestimate Sex

Sex is an essential component of relationships. You can confirm the implication of sex in a relationship in the Verywell Mind Blog "How Important Is Sex in a Relationship?".

An anonymous gentleman once said, "Men are sexual beings. If your husband ever tells you that sex is not a big deal, he's lying. By just looking at a woman, we can get aroused; it just takes self-control to overcome such temptations".

Most men love sex. It helps reduce their stress levels and makes them feel loved. If your husband has a high sex drive, you'll have to adjust to meet his needs. You can verify these statements in Psychology Today's 6 Truths About Men and Sex.

Also, feel free to talk to him about it, don't be shy. "Is there something I can do to please you?", "I don't like being touched like this," "Do I meet your sexual needs?" Conversations like this may seem uncomfortable at first, but it's necessary.

Statistics show that men are more productive when having a great sex life. So, let your husband "get some." Oregon State University confirmed this fact in the study "Maintaining An Active Sex Life May Lead To Improved Job Satisfaction, Engagement In Work."

Be Warm and Affectionate

A wife can express love for her husband in various ways, one of which is through affection.

Giving him a kiss or hug is an easy way to show him you care, but you can also probably write him a love note or do something more original.

Affection is vital in keeping a connection close and intimate, regardless of its form. A nice day can be made even better by showing affection, and even the busiest day can feel manageable with a long hug or a tender kiss.

Husbands tend to show their spouses the same love and respect if they receive themselves.

Be Organized

A woman is capable of managing the daily operations of the home and ensuring that everyone has access to what they require.

You should be able to complete tasks quickly and effectively and move on to the next one.

A good wife is a skilled multitasker. Try to find a means to handle different tasks at once or delegate some if you can't.

Cook For Your Partner

I'm yet to see a man who doesn't love a good home-cooked meal. No matter how woke you claim to be, you need to understand that cooking for your husband will forever be a big deal to him.

Make healthy meals for your husband. Don't joke with his food. This is one of the easiest acts of service in relationships.

Understand and Practice His Love Language

There are five primary love languages-physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time. Even though every husband loves to experience these five languages, some are more important for most men.

You can learn more about love languages in the Woman's Health blog What Exactly Are The Five Love Languages? Experts Weigh In.

For instance, if your spouse loves acts of service, making his favorite meal will mean much more than taking him to a fancy restaurant. If he loves gifts, buy him some once in a while, it doesn't have to be so expensive.

Say kind words, and remind him why you love him if that's what makes him light up. And if he loves physical touch, hold his hands, kiss him as much as you can.

Don't Prioritize Work Over Family

Having a strong work ethic is essential, but it shouldn't interfere with family time.

Personal relationships will start to suffer for those who spend excessive time at work rather than at home. Your children will believe you're more concerned with your profession and financial success than you are with them.

The balance between work and family life is something workaholics must achieve.

Keep all work-related tasks at the workplace. Bring no work or other assignments home to finish after work.

Be Intentional About Each Day

Positivity should be your first thought when you awaken each morning. Consider the household's top priorities after being thankful for another day to live. Plan out your day's activities with a specific objective in mind.

Savor the little things. Set a goal to compliment each family member or perform a kind act for each person. Whatever your aim for the day—big or small—is, reach it with optimism and a beaming smile.

It's not an easy process to become a better wife, so take it one day at a time.

Be Romantic

Being romantic is being considerate and caring toward your spouse and making them feel valued at all times. It involves consistently performing little acts of affection, like leaving emotional notes about the house or surprising him with an excellent breakfast in bed.

Even if you've been together for a while, it's important to maintain the romance in your relationship. This could entail organizing frequent date nights or unique weekend excursions.

You can find the best dating books for women in the Ultiblog Products category The Best Books On Dating For Women.

This can assist you in maintaining a good and solid relationship and serve as a reminder of the initial reasons you fell in love.

Be A Better Mother

You can't be a better wife without being a better mother to your kids. Men love women who make out time for them and their children.

Listen to your kids, take them on play dates, make sure they are comfortable, and just be there for them. Figure out a way to be there for your husband and children.

You can find the best women's reproductive health books in the Ulti Best Products category The Best Books On Women's Reproductive Health.

Respect Your Husband

Always respect your husband no matter how mad you get. Try to express yourself without bruising his ego. Keep in mind that even when anger fades, your hurtful words may leave a scar.

Additionally, it's good to cherish your spouse at home, and even better to do so amid others. This will help boost your husband's self-esteem and foster a healthy relationship.

NHS reveals how to boost low self-esteem in the article Raising Low Self-Esteem.

Be Resourceful

Being resourceful is a crucial trait of a good wife. A savvy lady knows how to manage her finances, use her imagination when few resources are available, and solve issues. She is constantly willing to help and is not scared of hard work.

If you can't assist your husband or contribute effectively to the family's growth, your marriage may suffer.

Don't Be Too Proud To Admit Mistakes

Some women find it difficult to admit mistakes, which is wrong. If anything, admitting mistakes shows humility and would encourage your husband to admit his faults as well.

These little things matter a great deal to most men and make for a happy marriage.

Don't Be Selfish

If you're in the habit of always putting your own interests over your husband, you need to stop. Marriage is about compromise, and some wives forget this.

Men are providers by nature and want the best life for their family, most times neglecting their own needs.

You can learn about the evolution of men's provider and protector nature in the Frontiers study Evolved but Not Fixed: A Life History Account of Gender Roles and Gender Inequality.

So, try to put their needs first once in a while. It makes your husband happy and shows that you're a good wife.

Don't Forget the Little Favours

Helping your spouse out without expecting anything in return is a terrific way to make any household happier. That entails not even needing to hear him thank you for a favor provided.

Keeping count may lead to conflict as family members compete with one another.

Similarly, simple tasks like putting out the garbage or taking the dog for a walk can make a significant difference.

Share Hobbies

As much as you can, share hobbies with your partner. You may not enjoy hiking or bowling but do it with him anyways, if that's what he loves to do. It creates a deeper bond.

Moreover, who knows? you may just fall in love with the hobby.


Accept His Family And Friends

You can't have an issue with your husband's family or friends and expect him to be happy. Whether or not you like them, these people have been in his life longer than you, so they matter to him.

It's even worse if you don't like his mom. We all know how strong the "mother-and-son bond" is. So, just do your best to accept them.

Motherly talks about the mother-son bond in The mother-son bond is tender and unbreakable.

Listen To Your Husband

According to Sigh: Men Think Women Who Listen to Them Are Sexier by Time magazine, men love it when women listen attentively to them. Whether or not you are interested in what he's saying, try to listen. It makes them feel like they are loved.

Your actions speak louder than your words, so by listening to your husband, he, in turn, will learn to listen to you. You can learn how to be a good listener in Forbes's 10 Steps To Effective Listening.

Make Your Marriage Fun

Have as much fun as you can. Marriage is not a prison! Play, laugh, cuddle, tickle, and enjoy your marriage.

Your home should be a safe space for you. Forget the problems of life and create memories with the love of your life.

Life is meant to be lived! So, don't spend it being a boring wife.

Respect His Alone Time

You may notice that sometimes your spouse wants to be alone, maybe to think certain things over or do concentrate on work. Let your husband have that time.

Don't try to be clingy or take offense. When he's done, he'll come around.

Be Expressive

Being a good wife doesn't mean keeping mute. You and your husband are meant to be best friends, so feel free to express yourself when you're angry, hurt, excited, or even uncomfortable.

No husband wants a boring wife, and don't lose yourself in the quest to be the best wife.

Avoid Third Parties In Your Marriage

Not every marriage advice is good advice. As much as you can, avoid taking your marital problems outside your home.

It doesn't appear awful to take your concerns outdoors or to talk to your friends about your marriage, but the truth is that you can not fully understand a person or know what lies deep within them.

When you bring your marital issues into the open, they may turn into a controversy that could end in disaster.

However, if you're experiencing any form of abuse, speak up! Don't die in silence.

You can also read up on how to be a decent husband in Ultihow's How To Be A Better Husband.

Benefits of Being A Good Wife

Happy Marriage

By being a better wife to your husband, you foster a happy marriage.

Also, the possibility of loneliness in a person's life is lessened by a happy marriage. Marriage provides people with a lifetime of friendship, which is quite rare nowadays.

You can also find out what you shouldn't do in a relationship in Ultiblog's Best Relationship Red Flags.

Safer Environment For Kids

When the partners commit to being better versions of themselves, raising kids is easier.

The kids grow up learning how to love and live peacefully. Compared to single parents, married folks offer their children a happier and safer household.

You can confirm this viewpoint in When it Comes to Child Well-Being, Is One Parent the Same as Two? by Institute for Family Studies.

Health Benefits

Being a better wife would result in a happy home and this has health benefits.

Couples in a contented, conflict-free marriage experience lower levels of stress, which benefits their blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease, improves sleep, increases resistance to illness, and overall healthier mental health.

You can read up on the health benefits of a happy marriage in 7 health benefits of being in a happy marriage by Fox News.


If you have doubts about your ability to be a decent spouse to your partner, getting married may seem overwhelming.

However, apply the tips provided here to foster a successful marriage. They will teach you how to be a better wife to your husband.

Every marriage is unique. Remember that your husband appreciates you just the way you are, so don't try to be like someone else.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h2" question-0="What are the most important qualities for a successful marriage?" answer-0="The most essential components for a prosperous marriage are communication, commitment, and intimacy. " image-0="" headline-1="h2" question-1="" answer-1="" image-1="" headline-2="h2" question-2="Is it difficult to be a good wife?" answer-2="No, it isn't. Still, it requires commitment and daily practice. " image-2="" count="3" html="true" css_class=""]

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