How To Tame Cows in Minecraft

Cows are passive mobs in Minecraft that are mostly utilized for gathering resources. It is known that they produce milk and drop leather and uncooked beef when they die.

This tutorial will cover the process of taming a cow, the method of breeding cows, and the food and items required to breed these useful creatures effectively. Most cows are found in grass areas. Taming a cow in Minecraft is almost the same procedure as taming a sheep.

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To entice the cow, you'll need wheat; once you have it, you'll need a safe area to corral it. Cows can be slaughtered for their meat, or their milk (utilized in some recipes) can be collected in an iron pail. Leather from cows is used for both making armor and writing books. You can milk cows by right-clicking on them while holding a bucket.

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How To Tame a Cow While Playing Minecraft

Taming cows in Minecraft

For as long as the player is within six blocks of the cow, the cow will continue to follow the player holding the wheat.

After being fed wheat, adult cows go into love mode, giving the player anywhere from one to seven experience orbs in exchange for their calves. Calves can have their growth sped up by using wheat, with each use cutting the remaining growth length by 10% and the parent cows needing a five-minute rest before they can breed again.

It takes 20 minutes for a calf to mature into an adult cow, and the adult cow is much more attractive to the calf than the player holding wheat.

A bred calf will take the shortest route to its mother or father in the next accessible block. When separated from its mother by more than 24 blocks, a calf will use its innate navigational skills to make its way to another adult cow.

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Step 1: Get Wheat Equipped in Your Hand

You must first get wheat, which can be cultivated from seeds. Locate a patch of uncultivated land near a water source, and then right-click on it to prepare it for planting. To sow your seeds, equip them and then right-click anywhere on the ground.

Once the wheat has matured, which takes around two days in Minecraft time, you can harvest it by clicking on it while holding the hoe.

Step 2: Approach the Cows

Approach the cow while holding the wheat in your hand. The cow will begin to follow you and continue to do so as long as you have the wheat equipped in your hand.

Step 3: Prepare an Enclosed Space for Your Cow

First, you will need to construct an enclosure for your animals, either a little pen or a vast field. This can be indoors or outdoors, but you must be able to direct the animals there, so outdoors is preferable.

Bring the cow into a small enclosed space. This could be the interior of a building or a pen constructed with wooden fencing and a gate.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Pet Cow

Minecraft cows in an enclosure

After bringing the cow inside, you can secure the enclosure with a gate or door and enjoy a cow as a pet.

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How To Breed Cows in Minecraft

Minecraft cow farm

You might be scratching your head right now, wondering how on earth you'll be able to milk your pet cow now that you've tamed one.

How do you tame more cows for your own breeding farm?

Since it takes at least two cows to produce a calf, you will need at least one more cow before beginning your little dairy farm in the game where you breed cows and produce milk.

Check the steps below on how to breed your new baby cows:

Step 1: Repeat the Taming Process

Follow the procedures above to tame and confine two cows successfully.

Step 2: Feed Your Cows

Right-click on the wheat in your Hotbar. By right-clicking in front of each cow, you will be able to feed them one after the other.

Step 3: Get Your Baby Calf

There will be a shower of hearts over the cow. Soon, a baby calf will be born. To make a herd of cows, just keep doing this several times.

How To Milk Cows in Minecraft

Milk a cow on Minecraft

You may wonder how to collect milk from your Minecraft cows now that you have a cow breeding farm. The procedure is straightforward in reality.

In Minecraft, milk is classified as a "drinking object." It restores health and removes illnesses like poison but won't satisfy hunger.

Be wary, though, because it can have a beneficial impact. To make a cake with milk, you'll need three milk buckets.

To milk a cow, you must use the crafting table to create a bucket out of three iron ingots. The next step is to locate a cow and collect a milk bucket from the animal using your mouse's right button.

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Follow the process below after taming a cow to learn how to milk it.

  1. The first step is to create a bucket
  2. Position yourself before the cow to be milked with the bucket equipped.
  3. Right-click the cow with the bucket of milk to get the cow milked.

Tips and Tricks on Taming Animals

  • Taming animals can be time-consuming and tiresome, so do not panic if your first attempt fails!
  • Domesticated animals are not particularly beneficial for exploration, so refrain from bringing them along.
  • Tame wolves are beneficial to maintain near fields because they will attack approaching groups.
  • Use a name tag to give a tamed animal a name. You can acquire a name tag by trading with villagers or by searching chests in any randomly created structure. Put this on an anvil and brand it with a name. Then, tap the animal with the tag, and that name will always know it!

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The ability to tame cows in Minecraft is one of your most useful skills. Because of this, we have included an explanation of the most effective way to tame a cow in Minecraft.

Through reading this post, we hope that you will have a good time playing the game by successfully taming cows and using the many ways in which they can be utilized.


Can cows give birth to babies in Minecraft?

Yes, two or more cows can breed and have babies in Minecraft.

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